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Miracles happen!

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Essential Chiropractic & Wellness

"Jesse is my fourteen year old son, and has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. We have sought treatment from the best doctors around the world.  Jesse has been treated in the U.S. by renowned researchers and experts as far away as Australia and England.  We sought “the best” help that could be found.

Jesse’s local doctor at Texas Children’s Hospital was the chief of the GI department and came recommended to us as the best GI doctor available.  Jesse has seen dozens and dozens of doctors, and I would say you,  Dr. Renee, have helped him more than any.

He was being treated with extremely harmful biological agents (Remicade), chemotherapy and other drugs that were dangerous and didn't even help.

Jesse is currently only on LDN (Low dose Naltrexone): a yeast-free, healthy diet: and your treatment and that is all. 🙂

The diet and LDN made a big difference, but it is your treatment that filled in the gaps, and got Jesse on the road to real recovery. He would still be lingering between disease and wellness if not for you.  He has absolutely no Crohn’s symptoms today.  This has been nothing short of miraculous!!!!!!!

Words cannot even describe how thankful we are that you came into our lives and have helped Jesse so much.  You have also helped our whole family with your reading suggestions and the things you have taught us.  One book you suggested led us to another, then another until we are really experiencing a spiritual awakening.  Jesse needed to heal, and so did we.

Wishing you Joy, and sending you our deepest love and gratitude."

Essential Chiropractic & Wellness

Much more than a quick adjustment!

I have always had a bad neck, and have gone to many chiropractors in the past. They give you temporary relief, but the underlying issue was never addressed. Dr. Rene searched deeper for the underlying issues and not only helped ease my neck problems, but helped to address other factors that were causing the symptoms. I highly recommend Essential Chiropractic and Wellness!

5 out of 5
Essential Chiropractic & Wellness

Light Therapy Results

I have suffered for years with acid re-flux. Although I self-medicate, the medicine wasn't enough to eliminate the pain and agony of acid re-flux. I was introduced to the light therapy and noticed the difference on the 1st night. I did not take any medication and I was symptom free. It has now been almost 3 months, and I still have not had to take any drugs. I have also lost 6 lbs without even changing any other lifestyle habits. I have had more energy and more restful sleep than I have had in years. I am no longer skeptical of light therapy but rather a fan!!!!

5 out of 5
Essential Chiropractic & Wellness
Dr. Renee takes healing to a whole-other-dimension. She applies a Holistic approach with results that are leaps and bounds beyond the typical doctor's office. Whether you have a chronic issue or simply need a tune up, do yourself a big favor--give Dr. Renee a try. She also has a network with a healing team that spans into massage therapy, theta healing and beyond . Dr. Renee will take the time to listen and put together a custom approach that addresses YOUR. health concerns. She quickly zeroed in on the triggers to my autoimmune thyroid disease as well as other symptoms after many MDs had failed to address. She prescribed simple dietary fixes and used acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments to help me make huge strides. I avoided the thyroid surgery and heart surgery that my MDs had planned, and greatly reduced prescription meds. She's always expanding her knowledge of health care and sharing the benefits of that knowledge with her patients.
5 out of 5
Essential Chiropractic & Wellness
When I walked into the office, I found it to be calming and peaceful. The wait was short, and enjoyable. I was in for two major illnesses, to which through adjustment, light therapy and acupuncture, was immediately noticeable. Renee is very knowledgeable on where the weaknesses are and how to effectively treat. My visits everytime have been the best. I would recommend being treated by Renee for the utmost care above all chiropractic caregivers.
5 out of 5

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