A Note From Sherry

“Jesse is my fourteen year old son, and has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. We have sought treatment from the best doctors around the world.  Jesse has been treated in the U.S. by renowned researchers and experts as far away as Australia and England.  We sought “the best” help that could be found.

Jesse’s local doctor at Texas Children’s Hospital was the chief of the GI department and came recommended to us as the best GI doctor available.  Jesse has seen dozens and dozens of doctors, and I would say you,  Dr. Renee, have helped him more than any.

He was being treated with extremely harmful biological agents (Remicade), chemotherapy and other drugs that were dangerous and didn’t even help.

Jesse is currently only on LDN (Low dose Naltrexone): a yeast-free, healthy diet: and your treatment and that is all. 🙂

The diet and LDN made a big difference, but it is your treatment that filled in the gaps, and got Jesse on the road to real recovery. He would still be lingering between disease and wellness if not for you.  He has absolutely no Crohn’s symptoms today.  This has been nothing short of miraculous!!!!!!!

Words cannot even describe how thankful we are that you came into our lives and have helped Jesse so much.  You have also helped our whole family with your reading suggestions and the things you have taught us.  One book you suggested led us to another, then another until we are really experiencing a spiritual awakening.  Jesse needed to heal, and so did we.

Wishing you Joy, and sending you our deepest love and gratitude.”

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